Tor Kartingowy Warszawa –

A new trend in integration event is coming in Warsaw.

Karts are not only for children. Go-karts track (Polish: tor kartingowy warszawa) can be a good place for an integration event.

From psychological point of view, strong emotional experiences integrate attendees.

It is a similar to business launches. During these launches a strong subconscious link is build as for most people eating is something pleasant.

Eating is pleasant but it doesn’t involve so much adrenaline.

Driving Karts, or laser paint ball involves so much emotions and adrenaline. Psychologist know that

collective experience especially extremal one build strong and often everlasting links between people. It is not so important that it is a game. Our subconscious mind doesn’t see any difference between war or a game…

We played in a survival game, we pretended solders, our bond is strong.

So we have all we need to have some fun and to unite our employees.

It much more easy to work with our friends, then with strangers. There was research done in aviation and the results say that there are much less accidents in crews in which everybody knows each other. It is good for communication. In Russia such crews integrate for two or three days while resting together before a flight.

You can be afraid to undermine yours captain bad decision, but you can ask your friend. Thousand of people died in aviation disasters because, co-pilot was afraid to say: captain you are wrong!

Good communication is essential for every undertaking.

Finally, an event agency is a good idea especially when event is a big one, but when you want to organize event for your employees, contacting a is a good idea.

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