Karpacz for events

Karkonosze Mountains are the highest range of the Sudety. The most famous and highest peak of Karkonosze is Śnieżka ( 1602 m ). There’s a frosty and typical alpine climate. The atmospheric conditions in the Karkonosze are mostly determined by the altitude and size of the range, which give rise to a local alpine climate, mainly influenced by oceanic air masses.

Weather in Karpacz (in Polish Karpacz pogoda).

Snowfall in may is nothing unusual. Snow cover in Karpacz lasts for at least 100 days a year on average, while on Śnieżka it lasts 176 days. The temperature difference between Śnieżka and city of Karpacz may be as much as dozen or so degrees. Air temperature changes along with altitude, by 0.6 ºC every 100 m. During wintertime the characteristic phenomenon is temperature inversion. At highest peaks, Karkonosze sometimes are very windy and foggy. An interesting thing is foehn wind, which is very common in spring and autumn. In good weather, the beautiful views from top of Karkonosze will reward us for all the hardships of hiking. With the right air transparency we can see as far as 100 km away.

From Karpacz to Śnieżka leads several mountain trails of varying difficulty and hike duration. Along the way you can visit the Temple of Wang or have a cup of tea in one of the most beautiful Karkonosze shelters “Samotnia”. At the top of Śnieżka is a Meteorological Observatory open to the public, shelter with a buffet and Saint Wawrzyniec’s Oratory. Karkonosze which have their own specific microclimate are ideal for winter sports. In the Karpacz is a lot of very well-prepared ski runs. Karkonosze are beautiful at any time of year, but the best time for hiking is from late spring to early autumn .

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